???? Whether you’re wrestling with theological questions or seeking to deepen your faith, these podcasts offer a rich resource for growth and understanding. Join the conversation and share your favorite podcasts in the comments!
???? Top 5 Theology Podcasts Recommended:
1) Theocast: Dive into discussions on piety, the law and gospel distinction, and resting in Christ’s finished work with hosts John Moffitt and Justin Perdue.
2) Naked Bible Podcast with Dr. Michael Heiser: Explore the Bible’s context and ancient Near Eastern culture, delving into the supernatural worldview of the scriptures.
3) 1517 Network – Thinking Fellows: Join Lutheran pastors as they explore law and gospel distinction, church history, apologetics, and world events.
4) Exploring Word and Spirit with Dr. Sam Storms: Engage with discussions on spiritual gifts and charismatic theology, guided by the scholarly insights of Dr. Sam Storms. Discover more here
5) Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem: Access a wealth of Christian theological knowledge through Wayne Grudem’s comprehensive podcast series. Start listening here
???? What are your go-to theology podcasts? Share your recommendations and how they’ve influenced your spiritual journey.






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