Joshua Lewis: Teaching Elder

Joshua Lewis is the Pastor Of King’s Fellowship Church In Ada Oklahoma. Together with his devoted wife, Jocelyn, and their three rambunctious children, they recently embarked on a faith-filled journey to Oklahoma. There, they joined with a group of on-fire families to plant the seeds of King’s Fellowship Church.

Moreover, Josh’s ministry experience is both diverse and rich. Over the past three years, he has actively engaged in evangelistic outreach. This includes serving the homeless, engaging in door-to-door community outreach, and teaching churches effective evangelism strategies. Furthermore, spanning five years, his roles as youth and associate pastor have sharpened his pastoral skills and love for people. Additionally, Josh has spent years developing his skills in web and graphic design, showcasing his creative talents. Most notably, his greatest accomplishment is founding ‘The Remnant Radio,’ a globally recognized theology podcast. Through this platform, Josh has educated millions on church history, theology, and spiritual gifts. Consequently, this ministry has fostered a deeper understanding and dialogue across a diverse Christian landscape.

Now, stepping into the role of lead teacher at King’s Fellowship Church, Josh is best known for his in-depth preaching. His approach beautifully combines the Law and the Gospel, making his verse-by-verse delivery profound and engaging. Initially, he clearly presents the Law as God’s perfect standard, highlighting our collective need for salvation. Then, Joshua celebrates the Gospel’s freeing truth, showing how Jesus’ fulfillment of the Law brings grace and peace to believers. His preaching seamlessly moves from the Law’s requirements to the Gospel’s promise of ‘completion.’ This historic approach to preaching aims to root the believer, not in their own works, but in Jesus’ Finished work. 

As he steps into this new chapter in Ada, his resolve is fortified by a deep conviction in God’s vision for the city. Fueled by enthusiasm and faith, he envisions King’s Fellowship Church as a beacon of faith and discipleship, dynamically engaging with the community to bring about transformative change. The Ada Oklahoma Church community stands as a testament to Josh’s vision and commitment, poised to grow and flourish under his leadership.