What Is The Law Gospel Distinction?

Theological Distinctives of King’s Fellowship Church

One of our theological distinctives at King’s Fellowship Church is our weekly preaching emphasis on the “Law & Gospel.” This Law Gospel Distinction is a category of viewing scripture that comes directly out of the Protestant Reformation and rightly articulates the good news of the Christian Faith.

Understanding the Law in Christian Doctrine

The Law, representing the divine principles set forth by God, serves as an unwavering standard for all of humanity. As articulated by Protestant leaders, this category of “law” does not only include Mosaic laws; in fact, any instruction given by scripture that says “do” is categorically “law”. All of God’s commands stand as a reflection of his perfection, radiating beauty and flawlessness, guiding us toward an impeccable moral compass. Through its guidance, the Law reveals the inherent sinfulness within both the devoted believer and the unbeliever, causing both to stand condemned before God’s perfectly righteous standard. When we preach the law, we proclaim that all are sinners and all have fallen from the perfect standard of righteousness set forth by God.

The Gospel: Good News in Christian Faith

However, our preaching does not stop at the Law. The law, when rightly preached, reminds the believer and convicts the non-believer to seek solace beyond themselves—forgiveness and eternal life found solely through faith. The Gospel, or the good news, embodies the pinnacle of God’s redemptive plan. It proclaims that Jesus Christ, in His flawless existence, has perfectly fulfilled all the commands of God found in the Law. This profound truth provides an avenue for those who embrace Christ by faith to be adorned with His immaculate righteousness.

Nurturing Understanding Among Believers

While the Law emphatically instructs us to “do,” the Gospel resounds with the triumphant proclamation of “done.” Our central aspiration revolves around nurturing a deep understanding among God’s people that the law of God has been perfectly fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Therefore, those who are united to Christ by faith no longer have to work in order to be accepted by God. We may now rest from the weary works of the law due to Jesus’ finished work that he has done for us. Now that we have been accepted before God, all our works of obedience, as believers, can be done as an act of worship and thankfulness to God, rather than acts of obedience in hopes of God’s divine acceptance.